Men Need to Know Why They Are Necessary
by Clarence Boyd on May 16th, 2015

​Previously we raised the question: ‘Why is the male-man necessary?’ We then suggested that the answer to this question requires an understanding of the man’s role in kingdom relationship.
Man is a part of God’s Kingdom because he was created by God and his life depends on the Father. God also created man with a purpose. In short, the man was created to maintain the order of God established in the earth. He was to represent God’s standards established in creation. 
Why is the man necessary?  He is necessary for this very reason and we see the repercussions as a result of his absence. The absentee father is a problem of epidemic proportion’s today and literally impacts every area of life and generations as well.  Men, especially fathers, must again be aware of their purpose and their value.  They are necessary and desperately needed.  

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