The Example of Leadership
by Clarence Boyd on January 10th, 2016

​Every human being was born to lead. God gave dominion to the first man, Adam, and his helpmeet, Eve. They were the only thing God created in His own image and in His own likeness. Adam and Eve shared the responsibility of maintaining the order of God in the earth. They represented His influence in the earth. In other words, God did not hold any other created thing accountable for order in the earth other than the man and the woman.
“Leadership is a designated position that encompasses purpose.” (Page 4)  Leadership is absolutely necessary because without it there would be total and complete confusion. Leadership is needed if order is to be maintained. Regardless of the context, leadership is required. Therefore, a leader must be found. From the beginning God created the male-man and gave him the responsibility to lead. The man was responsible first to God and then to his wife and family.  If the man is to be successful in leading, he must have an example.
We understand that Jesus is the ultimate example of leadership for all mankind, but especially for men. Can a man represent authentic leadership without an example?  Thus the question: Who taught you about manhood? And what did he (or whoever had this kind of influence in your life) teach you? 

Share your response and be a blessing to other men who may not have had an example of manhood in their experience! We look forward to hearing from you.

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