Where Are You?
by Clarence Boyd on July 8th, 2016

​No man should be unaware of this eternal question from God to the man, Adam: “Where are you?” (Gen. 3:9) This question was directed to the man alone. I don’t think this question was asked again by God of anyone else. This question represents a unique relationship between God and the male-man. It speaks to a deeper realization of intimacy that can only be realized by the man. God had not shared with any other human being what He shared with the man. In fact, this is true because every other human being was in the man. No one else was responsible like the male-man and no one else will be held accountable like the man. Every man must wrestle with this question because each man will be asked this question by God. Every man will have to answer to God for that which he was created to cover. Like Adam, each man will answer in the singular even though he is representing more than himself. I encourage you to take a moment and ponder this revelation because it is more than just information. It reveals a part of who you were created to be and signifies something greater that you were born to become. Everything that God created was created to be covered! The question today is not only “where are you,” but also “where are those you are responsible for?”
May each of you become the king you were born to be and provide the covering that was and will always be the responsibility of kings.

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