The Original Example of Covering
by Clarence Boyd on December 11th, 2016

The season of Christmas magnifies the truth that men are supposed to provide covering. Covering is not just a responsibility, but also a calling. Be reminded that everything God created was intended to be covered. The Lord, Himself, exemplifies this calling by taking the responsibility to cover everything He created. It is a fact that God takes care of all of His creation. Nothing is overlooked or missed when it comes to the sustaining power of the Creator. God takes care of every flower, all the birds of the air, and every human being.  God has proven His faithfulness to all by taking care of both “the just and the unjust.” 
Jesus, like His Father, serves as the original example of covering. No one could cover all that the Father created but Jesus. Only God could cover the sins of all mankind. It was for this very purpose that Jesus came into the world. No one could shed his or her blood for the forgiveness of sins other than Jesus. In short, Jesus covered all of mankind by sharing man’s humanity, by being subjected to the temptation of the flesh, and ultimately by dying to pay the price for mankind’s redemption. In this Christmas season we are reminded of the Father’s great love and the Son’s unbelievable sacrifice. All of this was done with covering as the motive. All of this was initiated by the Creator on behalf of the created.
Every man, every father, is encouraged to follow God’s example when it comes to covering.  Like God, every man is not only responsible to cover those he has fathered, but also to take care of the woman who is the mother of his children. This was always meant to be more than a responsibility. It remains a divine calling! Covering is a cornerstone of manhood. The absence of the covering of fathers has proven to cause unimaginable consequences for both women and children. In this season of Christmas may every man and every father be convicted of his responsibility to provide covering and become the gift so desperately needed by mothers and families. If men would fulfill their calling to provide covering this would truly become a Very Merry Christmas! Men, join us in declaring this truth and in sharpening each other to become an original example of covering.

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