Something Needs to Change
by Clarence Boyd on January 17th, 2017

It is always this time of the year that we think of change. This is especially true during the change from one year to the next. As men, this represents another opportunity to make a greater difference in our own lives, in the lives of our families, and the future of our children. No one wants another year to pass by without any significant change. This is not only the cry of every man, but also the prayer of every wife and the hope of every child. They need there to be a change in the men in their lives. They are acutely aware that circumstances have little or no potential to change without covering in their lives.
Every man has the opportunity to be a better father or husband depending on his situation. Regardless of the particulars, there is room for change and the need for improvement. No man can afford to be comfortable with his present situation or take for granted his current experience. Each man should approach this New Year as an opportunity to become better, to do more, and to go further. There is a child who is depending on a man to show up as a father while there is a wife expecting her husband to come through. They desperately need to realize this change now as opposed to later.
Nothing rarely changes by itself nor is much accomplished alone. In this New Year let us not only pray, but also encourage the men in our experiences to become the change that is so desperately needed. In this New Year we can all safely assume that something needs to change. As men, may our focus be on what we need to do to make the change needed a reality. This will only happen when we focus on the changes that we need to make as men and not continue to blame others for the lack of change that we desire. This is not only what true leadership looks like, but also what it requires. Let that “something that needs to be changed” in this New Year be the men who are so needed by those who love and depend on them!

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