The Cost of Manhood
by Clarence Boyd on March 7th, 2017

Whether one realizes it or not, everything in life comes with a cost. In short, nothing is free. There is a price connected to everything. We often associate price to material things. As a result, one might save until he or she has enough money to purchase the item desired; or the item desired may be purchased using credit. However, the point being made is that whatever is desired will always come with a cost.
In contrast, there may also be other things in life that have a price attached to them, but these things cannot be obtained with money or possessed as a result of using credit. In reality, these things can only be realized by using another kind of currency. They cannot be obtained or purchased using a visa or a master card. The cost of these things is beyond natural means.
If the truth were told, no human being is the manufacturer of manhood.  No man or woman holds a patent on this product. There is no company that has a corner on this market.  Although manhood is of great value, no one possesses enough to own it. The price of manhood is far beyond the limitations of money or the availability of credit. The price of manhood supersedes the natural realm in that it has always had a spiritual origin. Therefore, manhood still evades the skill of any entrepreneur. The price of manhood remains divine.
Manhood cost so much that it has always been under attack. Because manhood carries so much weight the man has come under attack. Generations of men have failed to realize the significance of manhood while generations of women have overlooked its importance. Even our present culture seems committed to the destruction of its purpose and the compromise of its identity. All of this seems to be transpiring while no one entertains what life would be like in the absence of the man!
Once again the time has come for men to teach boys that there is a cost associated with manhood. The moment is now for fathers to reveal to their sons that manhood must first be realized. Every boy must innately internalize the truth that he must become a man! When it comes to manhood the real price is paid by the man himself as opposed to the things he can provide. One respected man, one true father, or one committed husband will always be worth more than anything money can buy.

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