A Man's Influence
by Clarence Boyd on July 19th, 2017

​The question is not so much “whether a man has influence?’ The more important question will always be: “Was the man meant to have influence?” It seems apparent today that men don’t seem to have influence or their influence has been minimized. This appears to be the norm because many men today have grown up witnessing their influence being compromised.  Too many men feel as though their input is not necessary and have taken a back seat when, in reality, they were created to lead. Leadership has always been about influence. The one who is doing the leading is the one who has the influence.  It is obvious that no man will always be the leader. He will have others in his life who have influence where he is concerned. Although this is true, the man is still responsible to lead.
The word—influence is defined as: a) the power to change or effect someone or something, b) the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen, and c) a person or thing that effects someone or something in an important way. In the book of Numbers 13:31 it reveals: “But the men who had gone up with him said, we are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.” This is the message they proclaimed to the entire nation of Israel while they were at the door of the Promised Land. This moment in time serves as a testimony of the power of influence. Let us also be reminded that twelve men, representing each of the twelve tribes, had been chosen to spy out the land and return with a report for the people. Ten of those who went representing their respective tribe came back with a negative report. It is evident that they did not realize the power of a man’s influence.
The confusion comes when men fail to lead and then use their influence in ways contrary to who they are supposed to be. If a man does not realize that he is a leader, he will have no discernment concerning the weight of his influence. When men are confused about their leadership the result will always be the misuse of influence. These men who spied out the land allowed their influence to affect the future of a nation. Without forcing anyone, they caused the nation of Israel to miss the will of God. As a result, the majority of those living never entered into the land promised to them. They died in the wilderness and the succeeding generation entered the Promise Land in their place. This revelation is relevant even today because the absence of male leadership, or the loss of a man’s influence will have similar consequences in this present age.
It must be noted that when the people came under the influence of misguided leadership they turned on their current leadership and demanded a leader of their choosing. This is a dangerous place to find oneself in because God will never bless this kind of leadership. God’s response to the people serves as a testament that leadership is absolutely critical when it comes to following His will. This is the responsibility of the man! The man was created alone from the dirt and is the only one commanded by God. This means that he is not only responsible to represent the will of the Father, he is also accountable. Put bluntly, he is to lead.
The good news is that there were also men who represented the heart of the Father. Caleb and Joshua gave a good report of the land, but their influence was missed by the people because they had already come under the influence of the other ten spies. It is our responsibility to raise up leaders—men who are aware that they are accountable to God for how they use their influence. Husbands cannot take for granted the responsibility they have, but use their influence wisely when it comes to their wives. Fathers must see beyond the moment realizing that their failure to guide correctly could jeopardize the futures of their own children.  There will always be giants in the way, but that is simply where they are! They are in the way. May every man, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, share the will of God in such ways that their wives, families, and associates will validate their leadership by following them!

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