Some Things Were Never Meant to be Done Alone
by Clarence Boyd on September 23rd, 2017

​It is evident that most of us have grown up under the influence of independence. Man’s sinful nature promotes the mentality that he or she can do things alone.  Men and women remain convinced that they can navigate life’s terrain all by themselves. Many individuals operate independently of biblical truth. They have replaced God’s truth about order, unity, and headship with philosophies that fit better with their dispositions and feelings. Everyone seems to be moving in the direction of independence.  Parents raise their children to become independent. The world bombards women with the spirit of independence resulting in a misconception of the value of relationships and the roles of the man and the woman.
The battle to fully discern the impact of the influence of independence has resulted in the compromise of the marriage relationship as the cornerstone of our society.  The spirit of independence has challenged the traditional family and fueled the reality called “the absentee father.” Underlying the exaltation of independence is the increasing deterioration of our communities, our cities, and our nation. It is the male-man that has been injured most by this epidemic.  The man has grown apart from his brother, his family, and even himself.  Boys don’t know their fathers. Young men lack authentic and genuine examples of what it means to be a man in today’s world. The church is no exception. The man is visibly absent here as well. There has to be an answer to this challenge; and whatever that answer is, the man must be involved. In fact, the man must lead in the restoration of the family, relationships, and play a significant part in the future of the church.
In the Book of Beginnings, the Father of all creation addressed this reality. He shared His answer to this problem. From the beginning, God had a response for the pain men, and women suffer today. His answer has not changed.  The Lord has not altered His strategy.  His Word rings true through the ages and if applied, will work in this present day context. Genesis 2:18 reveals the answer. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” God realized that mankind, men, and women, would need help. It was never the intent of God that men and women would operate independently of His influence. It was never the Father’s will that men and women would live independently of each other. God knew that most things involving mankind would require relationships.   From the beginning, God revealed that man was better off with a helper. Man would function better with someone else to help him. The man’s need was so important to God that He made it His priority to make someone comparable to him.
God created Adam to exemplify the kind of leadership necessary to respect order, promote relationship, and preserve unity.  Every man lives for this purpose. Each man is accountable to God for his own life. But the man’s responsibility was never meant to begin and end with him. No man can fulfill the will of the Father alone. The man must learn this lesson first. The man’s mentality must change if he is to represent the Father's ways to others truly. God taught the man that relationships are valuable. The Father revealed to the man that being alone was not his best option. God reveals this revelation to the man over and over again. The man must first know this revelation and then respect it. Every man must realize that he was never meant to be alone.  When men internalize this revelation, they are then positioned to admit their need for help humbly. 

​When men realize their need for help, their marriage will be better. When men admit their need for help, the family will be stronger.  And when men accept the fact that they need help, they will also be better. Some things were never meant to be done alone!

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