Leadership & Excellence
by Clarence Boyd on May 21st, 2018

​Leadership is something that is inherent in every human being. God created man, male and female, and then gave to each of them dominion. As a result, every man and woman born into this world is born with leadership on the inside of them. There is no exception! The question is not whether one has leadership potential, but whether one is willing to develop the leadership gift that he or she possesses. The question of leadership ability is one that each must comprehend and then accept as a fundamental part of their lives. Simply put, leadership potential comes with the package. It is a part of who you are as an individual. All that is necessary is for each man and woman to realize this truth and then act upon it. 
God is a leader. In fact, God is the leader of all leaders. Everything God does is done as a result of the leader He is. God lead in creation because there was no one else that possessed the leadership knowledge necessary to accomplish this feat. God lead in redemption because there was no one with the experience needed to fulfill His plan according to His ways. God never just leads as if it is something that He must do. In contrast, God leads because that is who He is. Leadership comes out of who God is. It is part of who He is – and it is out of His being that He accomplishes all that He meant to do. God put this same leadership capacity in every man and woman. God’s will was that the man and woman would represent His being as a result of being created in His image and His likeness. Everything the man and the woman were to do was meant to reflect the leadership trait of their Creator.
God is also an “excellent” God. Excellence simply refers to the way God does things. Excellence testifies to the standard God sets when He does anything. Everything God does is done in excellence. Everything God says represents excellence. Be reminded that God never says anything that fails to accomplish His purpose for saying it. God never says anything that He does not mean. His Word will never return void. In fact, God’s very words are filled with leadership. Each word must become the reality that it represented when the Father spoke it. The words of the Lord are filled with excellent faith. This is the only kind of faith that God knows. Each word portrays the faith of the one who spoke it. Therefore, every word God speaks has no alternative but to fulfill the His purpose. This is the essence of true leadership. Leadership happens when the leader’s word accomplishes the purpose of the leader even though the follower is now speaking it.
Every man and woman must not just know that they are leaders, but that they were created to become excellent leaders. Excellence is the foundation of leadership. If excellence refers to the way God does things, it must also testify to the way man and women do things as well. Jesus did things in ways that represented His Father. His ministry impacted multitudes because of the Spirit of excellence that was upon Him. Jesus, Himself, declared that His followers were to do greater things than He did. This declaration must not be limited just to the things he did. No, it is important that the focus remains more on how He did what He did, not just what He accomplished. Every man and woman must discern why they do what they do. The priority must always be on one’s motive for doing anything. God is always mindful of the motive. The right or wrong motive determines whether something is done in excellence or lacks the excellence necessary to represent the Lord.    
Be reminded that the followers have been called to represent the life and ministry of Christ by being “salt” and “light.”  Followers will never be the actual salt or the literal light. Their lives and ministries are meant to be a testimony of  “true light and actual salt.” Both salt and light were created with purpose. Men and women operate in excellence when their lives simply reflect the purpose for which salt and light were created. Light achieves excellence when it fulfills its purpose. Salt exhibits authority just by being what salt is. Similarly, every man and woman will walk in leadership when they becomewhat they were created to be. May we become a better representation of leadership and excellence by just living in ways that others see what Jesus did…and who we have become!

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