The Greatest Challenges of Manhood
by Clarence Boyd on July 14th, 2018

​There are two scriptures that speak loudly to this concept. First, is Malachi 4:6 which states: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Then there is Prov. 22:28 that reveals the following: “Remove not the ancient landmark, which the fathers have set.” There are a couple of things that must be addressed up front. It is implied from the book of Proverbs that ‘the fathers are responsible for maintaining the ancient landmarks.’ The emphasis is placed on “ancient’ landmarks. It is apparent that we are witnessing a generation of men who have either never been exposed to these landmarks, or others who have forsaken them. At some point, what it means to be a man has been compromised over generations. The result of this concession by men is that we now see a new generation of men who have no idea of what manhood really is about. At some point this generation of men must be awakened to the ancient landmarks.
Today’s generation of men have been, and continue to be exposed’ to new models, definitions, and trends concerning manhood. Young men today have been desensitized to what manhood originally was meant to represent. There can be no genuine understanding of manhood apart from a healthy revelation and respect for fatherhood. Our initial text, Mal. 4:6 confirms that something critical to manhood has changed. Today it is possible to define oneself as a man while taking no responsibility for the child he has fathered. This is truly a departure from the ancient landmarks set by the fathers of generations before them. The fathers of old took their responsibility seriously and this included raising their children. It is obvious that many fathers struggled to pass this truth on to the sons who followed. This is the origin of the problem—generations of fathers have failed to model manhood before their sons. As a result, the sons of this generation are following examples that misrepresent the biblical model of manhood.
The second challenge being faced is that fathers have forgotten to model what it means to be a husband as well. In fact, for this current generation, most of the sons have grown up without a father in their lives. This has created a burden too heavy for any generation to carry. The weight of this dilemma continues to foster wounds that have never been adequately healed. When a son has been wounded by a father, or the absence of one, his tendency is to pass that same wound on to the next generation. The Bible calls this reality “the sins of the fathers.” However, this is not the end of the problem. It is the wife that suffers directly, and all women in general. Wives and daughters suffer because they don’t have the covering they were created to receive. Today our communities are plagued with mothers who must do the job of both parents because the hearts of fathers have not only been turned away from the children, they have also been turned away from the mothers who carried those children. This problem has reached epidemic proportions. Everyone seems to be suffering from this reality, but the only solution to this heartache is a manhood solution.
God created the man to be the foundation of the marriage relationship. The man was given the responsibility to cover his family, including both his wife and his children. We want to applaud the many men who are representing fatherhood to their wives and children, including the many single parent men. There would be no discussion of marriage or family without the man. This represents truth because the man is the source of life when it comes to mankind. No one can deny the fact that “the seed is in the man.” Everything birthed in this world comes from a seed. Every man is responsible for what he is the source of. This truth does not change simply because the man fails to fulfill his responsibility concerning his own family. In the same way God called Adam after his failure to provide the much needed covering for his wife, God will ultimately call every man because every man will be accountable to God for his own family as well. Before this blog is closed, it must be noted that Adam’s sons suffered because of his mistake. He had departed from the ancient landmark laid by God, Himself. This point should alert every man to the reality that it does not take long for a son to go astray because of the mistakes of his father. The Bible never speaks of the ‘sins of the mothers,” but specifically address the “sins of the fathers.” This reality has never changed. Simply put, the source of anything will be held accountable by God for what it is the source of. All men are called to accept this challenge and respond to it accordingly. As men, we must be committed to the truth that “iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend (or in some translations ‘another man’).” This - is - the answer to this challenge. May the Lord bless men everywhere to become an army that cannot be stooped! 

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