Endangered Masculinity draws attention to the need to restore to the male-man the original understanding of manhood, while exposing the hidden fact that when the man is out of place there will always be confusion. 

This is a spiritual reality which is validated by the fact that God created mankind to rule and the male-man to lead.  Every man has been anointed with a king on the inside of him.  The question is: Will man become the king or just remain a man?


Dr. Boyd is speaking to the next generation of men about fatherhood, manhood, and masculinity.

He is the President and Founder of Revelations-Revealed Truth Ministries, an evangelistic outreach which targets intercity youth who are considered at-risk.  Dr. Boyd and his wife are the founders of Revelations-Revealed Truth Evangelistic Center, a local church in the city of Tulsa.


Men and women remain convinced that they can navigate life’s terrain all by themselves. Many individuals operate independently of biblical truth. They have replaced God’s truth about order, unity, and headship with philosophies that fit better with their dispositions and feelings. 

​The battle to fully discern the impact of the influence of independence has resulted in the compromise of the marriage relationship as the cornerstone of our society.  The spirit of independence has challenged the traditional family and fueled the reality called “the absentee father.” 
The question is not so much “whether a man has influence?’ The more important question will always be: “Was the man meant to have influence?” It seems apparent today that men don’t seem to have influence or their influence has been minimized. This appears to be the norm because many men today have grown up witnessing their influence being compromised.  


Notice that when the Father made His declaration to make man in his image and likeness, the Bible reveals that He had “them” in mind. Here the word for man is technically referring to mankind. In other words, God is not referring to a singular person, but rather to both the man and the woman.  He is literally talking about humanity. The point being made is that no man or woman could be responsible for humanity alone.