Endangered Masculinity draws attention to the need to restore to the male-man the original understanding of manhood.  God created mankind, male and female, and gave to them the dominion mandate.  Together they were responsible to represent God’s authority in the earth.  The male-man was given the unique role of maintaining order.  It was his responsibility to work and keep the garden he had been placed in.  In reality, he was to guard the garden ensuring that everything in it remained under the influence of God, who created it.  Adam’s greatest challenge was to protect all that had been placed under his covering from any and every foreign influence.  He was the leader God had left in charge.  He was to provide covering for his wife and leadership for all that God had created.  No one else was created in the image and likeness of the Father.  No one else was given the task of ruling and subduing the earth. This great responsibility was not without great accountability.
Endangered Masculinity exposes the hidden fact that when the man is out of place there will always be confusion.  Confusion is simply disorder or the absence of order.  Is it any small wonder that the absence of fathers in the home has resulted in catastrophic consequences affecting future generations following them?  If ever there was a time when men need to be restored to their original place in the home, the workplace, the family, and the community, it is now.  The futures of our sons and daughters depend on it.  The sanity of our mothers and wives rely on it.  There is no substitute or alternative that can maintain order apart from the man.  This was and remains his divine contribution to the world in which he lives.  This is a spiritual reality which is validated by the fact that God created mankind to rule and the male-man to lead.  Every man has been anointed with a king on the inside of him.  The question is: Will he become the king or just remain a man?  Read this book to find the answer to this question and many others that you are asking!    


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"Endangered Masculinity examines how, as men, we are busy in our pursuit of happiness but neglecting the essential elements of faith, hope, and love which enable us to live a life of purpose."