Endangered Masculinity draws attention to the need to restore to the male-man the original understanding of manhood, while exposing the hidden fact that when the man is out of place there will always be confusion. 

This is a spiritual reality which is validated by the fact that God created mankind to rule and the male-man to lead.  Every man has been anointed with a king on the inside of him.  The question is: Will man become the king or just remain a man?


Dr. Boyd is speaking to the next generation of men about fatherhood, manhood, and masculinity.

He is the President and Founder of Revelations-Revealed Truth Ministries, an evangelistic outreach which targets intercity youth who are considered at-risk.  Dr. Boyd and his wife are the founders of Revelations-Revealed Truth Evangelistic Center, a local church in the city of Tulsa.


​The word opportunity is defined in two ways. First, it can refer to “a favorable juncture of circumstances.” An opportunity also involves “a good chance for advancement or progress.”  The combination of these two definitions reveals that an opportunity occurs under the right conditions or circumstances while providing the possibility to advance. If a man is to take advantage of opportunities, he must prepare in advance. 
​Today’s generation of men have been, and continue to be exposed’ to new models, definitions, and trends concerning manhood. Young men today have been desensitized to what manhood originally was meant to represent. There can be no genuine understanding of manhood apart from a healthy revelation and respect for fatherhood. 
Leadership is something that is inherent in every human being. God created man, male and female, and then gave to each of them dominion. As a result, every man and woman born into this world is born with leadership on the inside of them. There is no exception! The question is not whether one has leadership potential, but whether one is willing to develop the leadership gift that he or she possesses. The question of leadership ability is one that each must comprehend and then accept as a fundamental part of their lives. Simply put, leadership potential comes with the package. It is a part of who you are as an individual. All that is necessary is for each man and woman to realize this truth and then act upon it.